Rose City Sports & Entertainment – Announcement

July 4, 2019

Due to financial hardship and extremely low ticket sales for an event of this size, we have to unfortunately announce the cancellation of the “Hair in the Fair” festival that was to take place on July 11-13, 2019 in Welland, Ontario.

We deeply regret this announcement as we were looking forward to a great event for all. In times of economic hardship it is hard to regain stability to provide a properly executed event.

We would like to thank the City of Welland SEART panel, the stakeholders and employees involved who dedicated time to provide advice and support to this event.

Many thanks to the Niagara Regional Exhibition Board of Directors for their time and effort, and many thanks as well to the supporters of this event.

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Vince Neil, the legendary front man of Mötley Crüe, is an international superstar, accomplished businessman and heartfelt philanthropist. His unmistakable voice leads some of the greatest rock songs of a generation including “Wild Side”, “Shout at the Devil,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Dr. Feelgood,” “Kickstart My Heart,” “Same Ol’ Situation,” and many others.

Raised on the tough streets of Compton, California, Vince Neil fell in love with music as a child, developing a broad vocabulary that ranged from classic Motown to Hard Rock. As a teenager, he began performing with local bands and soon discovered both a passion for the stage and a natural talent as a singer and performer. He fronted the popular band Rock Candy before reuniting with high school buddy Tommy Lee in 1981, establishing his spot in rock and roll history with the formation of Mötley Crüe.

Mötley Crüe’s epic 34‐year run included countless multi‐platinum releases, more than 22 hit singles, 100 million albums sold and dozens of global tours with sold out arenas, inclusive of some of the largest venues in the world. The band completed “The Final Tour” on New Year’s Eve 2015, closing the book that told the story of their iconic career. Despite the Mötley Crüe departure from the rock world, however, Vince Neil shows no sign of slow down, continuing to carry on with the unending “The Legacy Continues Tour”.

Neil continues to perform all the classic Mötley Crüe hits with select cuts from his three solo albums. Additionally, this badass performer is working on new music, and has hinted about performing some of it during this tour: “I’ll say that we are recording some stuff for a new record this year,” he said in a Loudwire interview in January. “You often hear some surprises at our shows. I don’t want to give away some of those surprises… The music is exciting. It’s good, fun, nasty, raw energy and great songs.”

Presently, Neil remains primarily occupied answering the call to his immense following with shows internationally in conjunction with the culmination of his fourth solo album. Besides being an International Superstar, Neil is an accomplished businessman and heartfelt philanthropist. He manages to own several restaurants and his own brand of both tequila and vodka. Certainly not least, his efforts have rallied millions of dollars for a Non‐profit organization, The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation, in tribute to the unfortunate loss of his daughter to cancer in 1995.

In January of 2017 Vince Neil back in the TV spotlight once again, as a contestant on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, featuring new host Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

As the story goes, RATT helped pioneer Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Strip sound and scene in the 1980’s. Created by lead singer songwriter Stephen Pearcy 1982.

Pearcy regrouped with friend Robbin Crosby (also from San Diego) then changed the name of his band to RATT. The band rehearsed and played the clubs in and around L.A. for over a year.

They soon recorded and released their own six song E.P. RATT in 1983. Their single, “You Think Your Tough”, (Pearcy/Crosby) the song became a staple on local L.A. radio stations KMET and KLOS. RATT EP sold well over 100,000 copies.
RATT was a headliner and selling out local shows. They found themselves opening a show for ZZ Top. The band was called back onstage. RATT was on a roll.

Signed to Atlantic Records in 1984 the band’s debut album “Out of the Cellar” (Warren De Martini, Stephen Pearcy, Bobby Blotzer, Robbin Crosby and Juan Croucier) went over 3x Platinum in 1984 behind the hit single “Round & Round”, “Back for More” and “Wanted Man”. RATT would tour with Billy Squire and Ozzy Osbourne before going on to headline their own arena tours around the globe. World infestation had begun.

Since 1983 to present the band has sold in excess of (15) million records in the US alone. Their first (4) records went Platinum plus and the arenas concerts were selling out.

RATT released (2) records, Collage in 1997 and RATT 1999 before their latest “Infestation in 2010”.
They also released the Best of CD Tell the World: The Very Best of Ratt and their 3rd long form DVD, RATT Videos from the Cellar: The Atlantic Years.

This year 2013 Rhino/Warner Music Group recently released RATT “Original Album Series, a (5) album box set with the albums “Out of the Cellar’ thru “Detonator” for the rabid RATT fans to have something to sink their teeth into.

RATT signed to RoadRunner/Loud & Proud for 2010 “Infestation”. Infestation was a return to form for RATT.

2018 finds RATT continuing to rock the world, performing their mega hits from their storied catalog.

Get ready to RATT and Roll…

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bio coming soon.

Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dokken exploded out of the boiling hard rock/heavy metal scene in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. 1983’s “Breaking the Chains” with its catchy title track, set the stage for Dokken becoming the most dominant creative and commercial force in the world of Melodic Hard Rock for the following years. Such classic albums as “Tooth and Nail”, “Under Lock and Key” and “Back for the Attack” all became Multi-Platinum selling smashes and the live “Beast from the East” went gold in Europe and Japan. Songs like “Alone Again”, “Just Got Lucky”, “Into the Fire”, “In My Dreams”, “Unchain the Night”, “Dream Warriors”, “Burning like a Flame” and “Heaven Sent” are still nowadays regarded among the genre’s finest.

Dokken has shared the stage with AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Kiss, Scorpions, as well as Bon Jovi, just to name a few. The band hit stadium status in 1988, playing in front of over a million fans in just five weeks. It seemed Dokken was on the verge of superstardom. But like so many other bands that have come before and after them, Dokken broke up his group in 1989.

In 1994, the legendary A&R man John Kalodner offered Dokken a recording contract on the condition the group had to be original members. The band released the appropriately titled “Dysfunctional” in 1995 selling 450,000 copies, which by the mid ’90s was considered by industry standards very respectable. But just as they were on the verge of releasing a second single, filming a video, starting a world tour and “taking it all the way”, as Don Dokken puts it, the baggage from their past reared its ugly head, and again the group began to unravel. Soon after guitarist George Lynch left the group, he was replaced by Reb Beach (Winger, Whitesnake).

They released “Erase the Slate” in 1999 Followed by their DVD “Live from the Sun” in 2000. In 2001, Beach was replaced by John Norum (Europe) and released the album “Long Way Home”. By 2003 guitarist Jon Levin came on board with the subsequent release of the albums “Hell to pay”. Lightening strikes Again’ and ‘Broken Bones’ and has remained with the group for over 20 years now. All 3 CD’s have been aclamained as a true and definite return to there classic sound.

In October 2016, the original members of Dokken reunited for a brief Sold-Out tour of Japan, playing in several Arenas as well as co-Headlining the Loud Park Festival with the Scorpions. But as Don says, “It was fun to play with the original members again, but my current line-up of Dokken will remain so.”

DOKKEN is now Don Dokken (vocals), Mick Brown (drums), Jon Levin (guitar) and Chris McCarvill (bass).

Dokken has survived and kept their loyal fans in a time when people’s tastes change as fast as Britney Spears’ wardrobe, they have been embraced by a whole new generation of rock fans. They recently played at ‘The Bang Your Head Festival’ in Germany as well as ‘Rambling Man’ in England receiving rave reviews. The group is now currently back in the U S wrapping up there 2017 world tour! The group plans on a new record release in 2018.

They say a cat has nine lives and it seems Dokken is enjoying more than a few as well!


Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

Anvil, the Canadian heavy metal band from Toronto , Ontario, formed in 1978. The band consists of Steve “Lips” Kudlow (vocals, guitar), Robb Reiner (drums) and Chris Robertson (bass).  As of early 2019, the band has released seventeen studio albums, and has been cited as having influenced many notable heavy metal groups, including Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, and Metallica.

The band, in particular Kudlow and Reiner, was the subject of the 2008 documentary film, ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil‘, directed by the screenwriter and former Anvil roadie,Sacha Gervasi. Upon its release, the film garnered critical acclaim from many major publications, and has since brought the band renewed recognition, including opening slots with AC/DC and Saxon. Appearances at major heavy metal festivals, including Download, Loud Park, Hellfest, and many independent music festivals, also followed the release of the film. Reviewers described Anvil as a pioneering heavy metal band that has been popular since the 1980s and continues to record and tour 42 years later. Anvil‘s antics on and off stage, along with their determination to keep going have been the foundation for this legendary act.

Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

Bio coming soon.

Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

The KiLLeR DWaRFs were formed in 1981 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They quickly gained international success in Canada with the Juno nominated self-titled KiLLeR DWaRFs debut album in 1983 with Attic Records. The band received a lot of attention in the USA. Originals Bryce and Ange both left the band in 1984 to be replaced by Mike Hall and Ron Mayer. They soon cut the iconic and highly sought after album STAND TALL in ’86 on Maze/A&M/Grudge Records. The first single, “Keep the Spirit Alive,” was an anthem of the times. Canada’s Much Music and MTV provided substantial airplay for their hits “Stand Tall ” and “Keep The Spirit Alive” providing great exposure for the band. MTV put the band’s videos for “Keep The Spirit Alive” and “Stand Tall” on a 13-week rotation helping album to sell an unprecedented 80,000 copies during that time. (It has now surpassed the 120000 units sold and has sold on EBay for as much as $500!) In 1987, the video was the most requested on MTV. It still holds the record for MTV’s most- requested independent video of all time. Stand Tall was greeted with similar accolades. Russ hosted the MTV “Head banger’s Ball” with Rob Halford of Judas Priest in 1987. The exposure got the KiLLeR DWaRFs noticed by Sony/Epic Records offering a multimillion dollar worldwide contract. BIG DEAL (Sony) produced by Simon Halhart (Saxon and Marillion), continued with hits like “Starting To Shine”, “Desperados”,”We Stand Alone”. In 1988 they supported Iron Maiden across US/Europe on a sold out tour and appearing at several outdoor rock festivals here and overseas. In 1989 the band recorded “Dirty Weapons” with award-winning producer Andy Johns (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Cinderella). Released in 1990, it included ‘Doesn’t Matter’ their first radio hit in the USA. The song went to #1 in 13 cities. “Dirty Weapons” became a smash hit on MTV. In 1991 they were nominated for a Juno award for Best Hard Rock Group but lost to Rush. 1992’s Method to the Madness was also with Andy Johns. Mike Hall was replaced by Gerry Finn on guitar. It was touted as one of the best hard rock albums Canada ever produced. It included “Hard Luck Town” and “Cowboys and Conmen “along with the chart topping “Driftin Back”. They parted with Sony/Epic in 1993. The band played some of the largest venues around the world including Wembley Arena, Hammersmith Odeon, Toronto’s historic CNE Grandstand, Ricoh Coliseum. They have also performed on many of the largest festival stages and amphitheatres in the US and Canada. They have also toured and shared the stage with many world renowned artists. In 2013 The KiLLeR DWaRFs released a “lost” CD entitled Start @ One. Recorded in 1993 with the Method to the Madness lineup. The band reunited in May of 2013 to support the release. Plans are underway for another Live CD/DVD with clips and footage 2013/14 world tour. The band has now sold over 2 million records as it enters this new and exciting chapter in their career.


Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

2010 saw the release of Helix’s 14th studio CD entitled “Vagabond Bones” featuring the re-united original 80’s line-up of Greg “Fritz” Hinz, Brent “The Doctor” Doerner, Daryl Gray, and Brian Vollmer, along with newcomer shredder Kaleb Duck. The CD contains nine previously unreleased studio tracks, one of which features a duet between Brian and Russ Graham of The Killer Dwarfs on the song “Hung Over But Still Hanging In.” Most of the songs were co-writes between Brian and Sean Kelly, who now plays guitar for Nelly Furtado. On four of the tracks, Moe Berg of Pursuit of Happiness was also a co-writer.

In September Brian had his first movie role, albeit a small bit part, in the new Trailer Park Boy’s movie “Countdown to Liquor Day.” The movie’s premiere took place in Halifax on the first day of the Atlantic Film Festival. For the event Brian and his wife Lynda, Brent (The Doctor) and Kaleb all flew out for the show, and afterwards got up and performed with the award winning Arkells at the Halifax Metro Center for 1,500 fans.

Exciting things like that have been happening throughout Helix’s thirty-five year career. And what a career it’s been! The band, formed in 1974 in Kitchener, Ontario, has sold over 2,000,000 albums, had four gold and 2 platinum albums, has had a Number One record in the country of Sweden, has toured 19 countries, 3 continents, and played with over 150 of the greatest rock and roll recording acts in the world. A list of acts the band has played with over the years sounds like a who’s-who of rock & roll: Motorhead, KISS, Motley Crue, Accept, Girlschool, Heart, Whitesnake, The Scorpions,Megadeath, Mercyful Fate,Quiot Riot,Meatloaf, Ronnie James Dio, and over 100 more! As well, the band has released many videos over the years, mostly while they were either signed to, or licensed to E.M.I./Capitol. The have also had many songs on TV shows and movies:

Today Helix continues to play in excess of fifty shows a year. In 2009 they played Rocklahoma outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma with Great White, Twisted Sister, and many more famous 80’s acts to rave reviews.

Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

QUIET RIOT is a rock & roll phenomenon. Famously described as the first heavy metal band to top the pop charts, the Los Angeles quartet became an overnight sensation thanks to their monster 1983 smash album Metal Health. Their followup album Condition Critical went double platinum and the band continued to record and tour throughout their 25 + year history.

QUIET RIOT continues their historic journey in 2012 with Metal Health founding member Frankie Banali who is joined by QUIET RIOT veteran bassist Chuck Wright and QUIET RIOT guitarist Alex Grossi from their last and most stable lineup. They are proud to announce their new vocalist Jizzy Pearl to complete the QUIET RIOT lineup.

The story of QUIET RIOT begins in 1980 when Kevin DuBrow formed a new band under his own name, working with Frankie Banali and a variety of musicians over the next few years before signing with Pasha/CBS Records, reverting back to the QUIET RIOT moniker, and entering the studio with new guitarist Carlos Cavazo and bassist Chuck Wright to start work on a new album. The year was 1982 and, following Randy Rhoads’ well-documented death, former henchman Rudy Sarzo left Ozzy, replacing Chuck Wright who is the bass player on record for both the “Metal Health” and “Don’t Wanna Let You Go” tracks, to complete the lineup and sessions for what would become 1983’s Metal Health. Driven by the irresistible double whammy of the title track’s muscular bass line and a raucous rendition of the old Slade chestnut “Cum on Feel the Noize,” the album stormed up the U.S. charts, duly reaching the number one spot and going platinum five times over in the process at that time. The sales of Metal Health has now exceeded the 10 million mark worldwide to date.

QUIET RIOT returned to the studio to record 1984’s Condition Critical, which went on to sell over 2 million copies in the US and included another chart-ready Slade cover in “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” and the self-penned “Party All Night.” In 1986 QUIET RIOT re-grouped to launch the QR III record, Sarzo had been replaced by former bassist Chuck Wright. Vocalist Paul Shortino stepped in and recorded 1988’s simply named Quiet Riot with Banali, Cavazo, and new bassist Sean McNabb.

In 1991, DuBrow and Cavazo began working together once again, joined by Frankie Banali and eventually recording 1993’s Terrified with bassist Kenny Hillery. Down to the Bone followed two years later with Chuck Wright back on bass, and in 1997, a one-off performance at an after-show party hosted by industrial shock rocker Marilyn Manson who had requested to Banali that QUIET RIOT perform, lured bassist Rudy Sarzo back to the fold.

With that lineup once again, QUIET RIOT hit the road playing venues across America, Europe and Asia. This lineup was captured on 1999’s Alive and Well album, and 2001 saw the release of Guilty Pleasures. QUIET RIOT officially parted company with Rudy Sarzo and Carlos Cavazo in October of 2003. In 2004 DuBrow and Banali recruited guitarist Alex Grossi and bassist Chuck Wright and continued to tour nonstop throughout 2006 in America, Europe, South America and Asia. For the recording of Rehab in 2006, DuBrow and Banali entered the studio with bassist Tony Franklin and guitarist Neil Citron, both longtime friends of Banali. QUIET RIOT with the lineup of DuBrow, Banali, Wright and Grossi continued to perform live worldwide until November of 2007 when sadly, Kevin DuBrow’s singing career was cut short with his passing on November 25, 2007.

Frankie Banali’s history with QUIET RIOT spans over 28 years and he has the distinction of being the only member of QUIET RIOT to have recorded on every single QUIET RIOT release from 1983’s Metal Health through 2006’s Rehab. After nearly three years since the loss of his friend and bandmate Kevin DuBrow, and with careful consideration, soul searching and with the blessings and support of Kevin DuBrow’s family, Frankie has decided to continue his journey and the musical legacy of QUIET RIOT along with bassist Chuck Wright, guitarist Alex Grossi and vocalist James Durbin.

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

It’s an incredible accomplishment when a rock band has been successful enough to reach the 25-year mark since the release of their first album. And this year, rowdy southern rockers JACKYL have accomplished this feat, and are celebrating with an appropriately-titled compilation, ’25,’ which drops July 28 via Mighty Loud Records.

The 18-track set (which can be preordered via the band’s official site, features such Jackyl radio hits as “Down on Me,” “The Lumberjack,” “Push Comes to Shove,” and “Favorite Sin,” as well as two previously unreleased tracks – a live rendition of “Redneck Punk,” as well as a cover of Black Oak Arkansas’ “Hot and Nasty.”

“At the time we first hit the scene, we were told by quite a few interviewers and fans that we sounded like a cross between Black Oak Arkansas and AC/DC,” explains Jackyl. “While we was very familiar with AC/DC, we were not with BOA. We went back and listened, and were blown away – so much so, that we recorded a cover of one of their most kick ass tunes, ‘Hot and Nasty,’ which is now finally getting its release on this comp.”

First bursting upon the scene with their self-titled, platinum-certified debut album in 1992, Jackyl has made a name for themselves as a killer live band that delivers night after night, and has continued to offer up good old fashioned blues boogie over the years, as evidenced on such subsequent albums as 1994’s gold-certified ‘Push Comes to Shove,’ all the way to their most recent release, 2016’s ‘ROWYCO.’

“Its not about coming to see a Jackyl show, its about coming to be a part of it,” Says Jesse Dupree. “Every show becomes a family reunion.”

Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

1990 – Slaughter hit radio, MTV and the U.S. touring circuit like a tornado- coming seemingly out of nowhere to roll through everything in its path and turn it upside down. Touring the world with bands that they loved, Kiss, Ozzy, and others meant the good times were just a song away , and their first hit single, “Up All Night” certainly fit into that mold, their second chart-topper, “Fly To The Angels” was more representative of the spirituality and awareness that goes into most of the band’s music and lyrics. But never were Slaughter more accurately represented that live onstage in front of their legions of devoted fans over the last ten years.
1991 – during this time filmed what became a platinum home video “From the Beginning” depicting the bands rather different and humorous lifestyle. To showcase the live prowess the band had garnered during their first tour, the band released “Stick It Live” a five song EP collection which entered the billboard charts and went gold as quickly as it was released. This was certainly a shock to the non-believers in the world.
Slaughter was contacted by Orion pictures and Record Producer Jimmy Iovine to write and record what would become the theme song for “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey” and later made a video
2001 – Slaughter was a proud part of a TWO MILLION selling CD “Monster Madness” (with – UP ALL NIGHT), the band
was also out touring as a part of the “Voices of Metal” tour featuring Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Ratt, and Vixen
2003 – Capital records re-released the first two Slaughter CD’s “Stick it to Ya” and the “Wildlife” featuring 24 bit digital remastering,
additional photos, bonus tracks and liner notes written by Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum – Slaughter
toured May-October with “WHITESNAKE” on the “ROCK NEVER STOPS TOUR”.
2004 – Slaughter released a DVD-A entitled “Then and Now” that features 12 songs and 50 rare photos of the band over
the years. …Slaughter toured – March – November Headlining Various Venues and playing to larger crowds then in
recent years.
2007 – SLAUGHTER was featured on a pacific rim – compilation CD that was Platinum within it’s first week of release,
Slaughter filmed many of it’s live performance shows for a DVD release in
2008, and performed in front of 38,000 people singing SLAUGHTER songs at the world famed “Rocklahoma Music
Fest”, as well as participated in a full Summer tour with Vince Neil of Motley Crue. – Of interesting note – Slaughter’s
music has been played more in 2007 on radio and the internet then in the 3 previous years combined.
Slaughter has shown that with perseverance and sheer talent, a band can survive and win over the support of fans ,
regardless of what others may say about the quality of their music. What’s most important is that their music is still
here and the vast majority of critics who panned them in the past are not, and that’s as good as gold.

Sven Gali
Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

SVEN GALI is back!

Formed in 1987 in Hamilton and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Sven Gali brought the 80’s and 90’s hard rock/metal wave home to Canada. They delivered their high-energy live show from St. Johns to Victoria, and across the US and Europe for the next 9 years.

Twenty-five years after their debut album went Gold in Canada, they are back with a monster new song called “Kill The Lies” recorded with legendary producer David Bendeth (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Bring Me The Horizon) that reached top 3 Rock streams in Canada on the CBC.

The band have sold out Canadian shows from Summer 2018 and will continue to play solo and festival dates in North America and Europe through 2019 and beyond.

The lineup includes all 3 remaining original members: Dave Wanless (vocals), Andy Frank (guitar), Shawn Minden (bass) and new members Sean Williamson (guitar) and Dan Fila (drums) from Canadian metal powerhouse and BMG label mates Varga.

Sven Gali built a name fast with their live shows; drawing growing crowds on the Canadian and US circuit while building their songwriting chops and a wild reputation. David Bendeth signed the band to BMG Music Canada in 1991 and produced the self-titled debut, released in 1992.

The album included singles and videos for “Under The Influence”, “Tie Dyed Skies”, “In My Garden”, and the ballad, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” (#6 CanCon song of 1993). It included a cover of Teenage Head’s “Disgusteen” featuring guest vocals by Frankie Venom. The video for “Under the Influence” won the MuchMusic Best Metal Video award in 1993. The band was nominated for Hard Rock Album of the Year and Most Promising Band at the Junos. Sven Gali went gold in Canada that year.

Sven Gali toured extensively throughout Canada and the USA, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and the UK, headlining and on the bill with acts including April Wine, Foreigner, Candlebox, Pearl Jam and Def Leppard.

Their follow up album, Inwire (1995), recorded at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, was produced by Kelly Grey (Candlebox, Brother Kane, Dokken) and featured guest musicians Christopher Thorn of Blind Melon, and Candlebox’s Kevin Martin and Scott Mercado.

Love N’ Revenge

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Love N Revenge bio coming soon.

Diemonds Logo
Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

With years of nomadic touring and hundreds of live shows under their belts, fiery Canadian hard rock band Diemonds carries the torch for a special breed who love live music and live for rock n’ roll. The band is fronted by the one of a kind Priya Panda, an Indian-Canadian powerhouse who’s equal parts class and sass.

They’ve criss-crossed the globe commanding audiences and making meaningful connections each time they step on stage. Diemonds has released four solid albums including 2015’s acclaimed Never Wanna Die (Napalm Records/eOne) which was nominated for Heavy Metal Recording of the year in Canada’s prestigious Juno Awards (Canada’s “Grammys.”) Last summer’s self-titled full length record was named the 5th best of 2018 by Sleazeroxx. The sound featured a more mature Diemonds and a growth in songwriting.

Excelling in the live arena, the band has supported Steel Panther, Sebastian Bachand more as well as played shows in India, Japan, UK, Europe, Canada, and the United States. Festivals like Rocklahoma (USA), Hair Metal Heaven (England), Assault Fest (Japan) and Heavy MTL (Canada) have all had Diemonds as part of their lineups over the years. The band hit a milestone when they were asked to play the KISS Kruise IV. This year they will be rocking the boat once more when the Monsters of Rock Cruise sets sail in February.

Diemonds continues to actively rock festivals worldwide having played Japan, India, USA, UK, Europe and more in their twelve year career.

Moxy Logo
Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

When MOXY first exploded onto the scene in 1974 with their hit song ‘Can’t You See I’m a Star’ they were destined to become part of the alumni of heavy hitting Canadians making a mark in the U.S.A. . . .

The promising sound of the single received heavy radio support from CHUM (AM) in Toronto and led to the band’s signing of a contract with Polydor Records of Canada in December 1974. The Polydor Records contract was mainly due to the popularity and reputation of lead vocalist Buzz Shearman.

The spring of 1976 “Fantasy” and “Sail on Sail Away” hit the top 20 charts on KISS-FM radio in San Antonio, Texas. KISS-FM disc jockey Joe Anthony had the freedom to play the album in its entirety on many occasions through the late 1970s. MOXY renegotiated a new contract with Polydor of Canada for distribution in affiliation with Mercury Records. Both labels were owned by PolyGram Records at the time, who reissued the self-titled debut album in North America and worldwide in 1976.

After a few years of touring, MOXY went from a bar band to headline concert attraction in Canada. MOXY II was recorded in the band’s hometown of Toronto at Sound Stage studio with famed Aerosmith producer Jack Douglas.

Just a year after the first album for Canadian fans, but three short months after the reissued copy of MOXY I was released in the U.S. MOXY II received international press coverage for the band. Most reviews predicted success for the band and comparisons were made to Aerosmith, Rush and Deep Purple. MOXY II was also highly acclaimed on its release by Geoff Barton of the UK music publication Sounds (magazine), who made the album available to its readers for the special price of only £1.50. Geoff Barton would later refer to MOXY as the Canadian Led Zeppelin.

MOXY saw success touring the U.S. with the likes of such artists as Boston, Styx, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Rainbow just to name a few.

In March 1980, Buzz was a candidate to replace the deceased Bon Scott in AC/DC but because his recurring vocal cord problems would not allow him to tour extensively, AC/DC band members ultimately decided on ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson. In 1982, Buzz, Earl and Bill helped fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Lee Aaron on her debut album called “The Lee Aaron Project”. By 1983, Buzz was working a day job at Shaw Industries, just barely holding MOXY together while shopping around for a new record deal. Then tragedy struck when Buzz died in a motorcycle accident, on June 16, 1983, at the age of 33, just north of Toronto.

FAST FORWARD!!!!!!! After writing and recording new material over the years with different versions of MOXY, the time had come to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the legacy and do it right! So a new band was assembled for just an occasion. So along with founding member Earl Johnson an international cast of musicians were brought on board, including Juno award winning vocalist Nick Walsh.

Earl Johnson -Guitar
Nick Walsh – Vocals
Rob Robbins -Guitar/Vocals
Chaz Butcher – Bass/ Vocals
Desche Sparboom – Drums

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

80’s hard rockers, Black ‘N Blue were formed in 1981 and released four successful and critically acclaimed albums through Geffen Records
including their self-titled debut (1984),“Without Love” (1985), “Nasty Nasty” (1986), and “In Heat” (1987), with the latter two albums produced by the legendary Gene Simmons of KISS. The band, which featured Jaime St. James (vocals), Tommy Thayer (lead guitar, and currently performing with KISS as the replacement for Ace Frehley), Jef “Woop” Warner (guitar), Patrick Young (bass), and Pete Holmes (drums), started
in Portland, OR as a group of friends that came together to make their mark on 80’s hard rock. The band eventually relocated to Los Angeles
and was signed to Geffen Records.

Black ‘N Blue would go on to sell over a million albums throughout their tenure in the 80’s. The band scored a hit single in “Hold On To 18”
(which was featured on the group’s first release), a track that is widely known as a hard rock classic and still garners airplay on stations across the country. Their 2nd single (off Without Love) Miss Mystery was a great success for the band. In addition, the band toured relentlessly with the likes of KISS, Aerosmith, Queensryche, Night Ranger, Yngwie Malmsteen, among other platinum acts.

In early 2003, vocalist Jaime St. James reformed Black ‘N Blue. Joining St. James were original members Warner, Holmes and Young along with new guitarist Shawn Sonnenschien. The band began recording a new album titled “Hell Yeah!” Recording of the album came to a halt when Jaime St. James joined Warrant as their new lead vocalist in February of 2004. Jaime toured the world with Warrant for four years.

In 2008, plans to get back into the studio and finish the “Hell Yeah!” album were underway, as well as festival appearances and other touring. The new album (on Frontiers Records) is described as “classic” Black ‘N Blue as heard on the group’s original recordings and promises not to disappoint.” In 2012 BNB performed on the massively successful Monsters of Rock Cruise with Cinderella, Tesla, UFO, Kix, and many more… they will be back on the cruise in 2013! 30 years of rock, 4 out of five original members, and still kickin’ ass!

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

From the back alleys of Hollywood to World Stages, this is the story of XYZ:

Sunset Boulevard, summer of 1984. The party of the decade spills onto the streets, as tens of thousands of rebellious teens flock to Los Angeles to partake in sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll.

Perfect time for Pat Fontaine (bass) and Terry Ilous (vocals) fresh from Europe, to unite with Marc Diglio (guitar) and Paul Monroe (drums), both transplants from NYC. Together they start the long and slow climb thru every dive bar and seedy club, recruiting just a few fans at a
time…to eventually reach the Whisky a GoGo, the Roxy, the Troubadour, selling out week after week, month after month, and finally inking a major record deal with Enigma in 1989, swept up by Capitol-EMI in 1990.

Virtuoso guitars tangled in blues overtone and topped by a warm and powerful voice, XYZ’s music speaks of late night drinking and love affairs gone wrong. The first album, produced by Don Dokken, titled XYZ explodes onto radio and MTV starting at number 99 on the Billboard
charts. First single, “Inside Out” becomes the most requested song on LA’s iconic radio station KNAC, as covers of magazines become routine, Metal Edge, RIP, Burn, Hit Parader, Kerrang,

Live appearances on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball propulses the first video to the top 10. A second video (“What Keeps Me Loving You”) comes along for the release of the anticipated second single. Major tours followed with Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Dokken. Clubs turn into theaters and
theaters turn into arenas. The party rages on with the second album “Hungry” released in 1991. “Face Down In the Gutter” is brought into heavy rotation on MTV via a stunning and controversial video by director Michael Bay (The Rock, Pearl Harbor, Transformers).

A US tour with Foreigner, a festival package with Cheap Trick, and a run of shows with Ozzy Osbourne ensued.

But a storm was brewing and 1992 saw the grunge movement come from the cold north to freeze Hollywood to its very core. XYZ shared stages with Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, but a cultural change was taking place and over night it seems the champagne stopped flowing. Marc Diglio and Paul Monroe departed to be replaced by current members Tony Marcus from New Jersey and Joe Shapiro from Colorado.

A yearlong US club tour followed but little by little the party atmosphere of the 80‘s faded out of fashion, and most Hollywood bands of that era were forced into hibernation. Sunset boulevard went dark. And silent.

Nevertheless the band maintained and even expanded its cult-like following as years came and went, while various musical projects kept the guys in the band busy. It took the emergence of the Rocklahoma festival in 2007 to bring Hard-Rock and Hair-Metal back into the light, and to cement XYZ yet again. Opening for Twisted Sister on a US festival circuit, and then off to headline their own European tour in 2010, Sweden, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, it seems the metal wheels were turning once again.

A younger generation was discovering the music of the 80‘s and embracing it. Fun was back!

From 2012 to this day, Monsters Of Rock Cruises became the new winter home for XYZ and he band is currently writing new material for an upcoming album to be released in 2019.

Original singer, original bassist, with the same line up since 1992, more than 25 years under the hood, and 2 million records sold worldwide, the open road awaits.

Long live Rock’n’Roll !
Long live XYZ !

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

— Sold over a million albums.
— Had six #1 videos on MTV.
— Had four songs in Billboard’s Top 100.
Vixen was founded in St. Paul, MN by high-schooler guitarist Jan Kuehnemund. The desire to achieve the rock star dreams like so many before her, Jan took her group to Hollywood but soon retooled the line-up, which included; vocalist Janet Gardner, drummer Roxy Petrucci and bassist Share Ross (Pedersen).

In 1987 a pair of big brass balls at EMI Records decided to roll the dice with Vixen, despite all the stereotypes regarding bands fronted by chicks was then initiated into the male dominated club of hard rock. EMI released their self-named debut album “Vixen” featuring the groups’ first hit “Edge of a Broken Heart” penned by Richard Marx and Fee Waybill (The Tubes). MTV became Vixen’s playground and so coupled with exhaustive touring Vixen embarked on their ride. Piling on more hits the band charted Billboard at #22 with ballad, “Cryin’“ and “Love Made Me” at #36. The road continued to call opening for Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, Eddie Money and many others. Vixens had firmly distinguished themselves as a premiere rock act to be taken seriously.
With the pistons still popping, Vixen released their second album; “Rev It Up” was a success with “How Much Love” as the prized single performed live on The Arsenio Hall Show. The group Vixen-ize their fans on worldwide tours with heavyweights KISS and Scorpions, which fueled the International frenzy. The ballad, “Love Is A Killer” rose on the charts along with the rocker “Not A Minute Too Soon” once again establishing Vixen as not just performers but hit songwriters.
It was Nirvana’s sound out of Seattle that helped fuel the winds of change and underscored the decision to disband Vixen in 1992. Separately band members dabbled in various side projects but it was 1997 when Gardner and Petrucci released “Tangerine” teaming up with live-wire guitarist Gina Stile under the Vixen moniker. In 2002 Kuehnemund once again regrouped Vixen fronted by Jenna Sanz-Agero (vocals), Lynn Louise Lowry (bass) and Kat Kraft(drums). This line-up then went on to tour and release “Live and Learn” and “Extended Versions” from a live performance in Sweden. The bond they shared could never be broken but who would have imagined their joy would be short-lived when in 2012 Kuehnemund reached out to Gardner, Pertrucci & Ross for long awaited reunion. Sadly, only days before officially announcing the news, Kuehnemund was diagnosed with cancer and the reunion was put on hold. Jan Kuehnemund, the founding
member and lead guitar player for Vixen passed away October 10th of 2013.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
(I came, I saw, I conquered) by Julius Caesar

Realizing that a band belongs to its fans, Gardner, Petrucci and Ross have carried on the Vixen legacy since 2013. Rocking theaters, casinos and major festivals including M3, The
Moondance Jam, Monsters of Rock Cruise, FireFest, Hard Rock Hell, The Halfway Jam, Rockin’ the Rivers, Iowa State Fair, every nook and cranny of the USA, Canada and Spain, Vixen is revvin’ the engines once again.

In 2017, guitarist Britt Lightning (Alejandro Sanz, Rachel Platten) signed on to round out this extraordinary line up. Vixen consistently delivers high energy top notch performances that leave fans breathless and wanting more at every show.

In 2019 a new chapter begins with the addition of Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale) stepping into lead vocals and Janet Gardner pursuing other ventures. Lewis rounds out the finely tuned lineup bringing notable Femme Fatale MTV video hits “Waiting for the Big One” and “In and Out of Love” to Vixen’s catalogue of crowd pleasers.

Onward and upward the Vixen legacy shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

ACETIC is a five piece heavy shredding metal band that comes at you with full force, originating from the Niagara Region, Port Colborne, Ontario. With a heavy aggressive sound, and a core influence from Pantera to Slayer. Released an online demo called Living the Afterlife, with tracks like Drop you, and Nailed to the cross, and are currently working on new material, due out this year.

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Autograph left an everlasting imprint on Rock ‘N’ Roll. The platinum-selling Southern California hard rock juggernauts gave the world the ubiquitous hit “Turn Up the Radio”, seminal albums such as Sign In Please [1984], That’s The Stuff [1985], and Loud and Clear [1987] as well as unforgettable sold out shows alongside everybody from Mötley Crüe and Ronnie James Dio to Van Halen and Aerosmith. Given those accolades, when they disbanded in 1989, they never left the hearts and minds of millions of fans around the globe. Simply put, a reunion was both inevitable and essential.

In 2011, founding guitarist Steve Lynch and bassist Randy Rand decided to meet up at the NAMM show in Anaheim. They rekindled their friendship first, opening up the lines of communication and bonding more than ever before. With the relationship rebuilt, they made a collective decision to jam again. “We approached our original singer Steve Plunkett about a reunion,” recalls Lynch. “He didn’t have the time to join the band again due to how busy his business is. He did give us his blessing to move forward though, and that was important. We missed our fans. This is for them.”

Fully embracing the future, the remaining members caught some videos of singer/guitarist Simon Daniels of Jailhouse on YouTube. Instantly, they sensed a connection and knew that he was meant for the open spot in the center stage. “He has big shoes to fill,” smiles Rand.
Nevertheless, he was born to front Autograph. His hard-edged, bluesy voice and massive riffing sharpen our edge. He’s given us a new energy, and he impressed us immediately.” “We all had a euphoric feeling after the first rehearsal,” Lynch adds. “These songs hadn’t been played in 25 years, and it was indescribable. It was great to be making music with my friends again.” With the lineup solidified, Autograph stand poised to shake Rock ‘n’ Roll up yet again. It’s as if every element has been enhanced from the guitars to the bass and vocals as well as drums with the addition of drummer Marc Wieland. Lynch puts it best, “We’re much heavier than before. We’re not using keyboards and we’re tuning down for a much fatter sound. That strengthens everything. At the same time, the melodic vocals and catchy
hooks are still an integral part of our sound.”

Successfully touring again since the beginning of 2014 Autograph has strived and shined at theaters, casinos, various venues and major festivals as M3, Monsters of Rock Cruise, The Moondance Jam, Firefest, The Halfway Jam among others reaching the 4 corners of the USA along with Canada and the UK as well as releasing 2 new anthem singles with one of them “I Lost My Mind in America” making the TOP 10 ITUNES Charts and a crowd favorite ” You Are Us, We Are You” receiving great reviews and airplay as well. The band delivers an undeniably bombastic live performance and was featured recently in the USA TODAY news website. A new EP is due to be released soon as the Timeless Classic Rock Anthem Top 40 HIT Single “Turn up the Radio” continues to receive constant and permanent Radio Airplay in all Major Rock Radio stations around the World.

Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

L.A. GUNS was formed in 1983 by guitar player Tracii Guns and, then unknown singer, Axl Rose on lead vocals.

The “classic lineup” of Guns, former Girl singer Phil Lewis, drummer Steve Riley, guitar player Mick Cripps and bassist Kelly Nickels have sold 6 1/2 million records, including 1988’s L.A. Guns and 1990’s Cocked and Loaded, both of which were certified Gold. Cocked and Loaded contained the hit single “Ballad of Jayne” that went to #33 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #25 on the Mainstream Rock charts.

From the mid-90’s to the mid 2000’s, after changing lineups twice, L.A. Guns continued to tour and release new music.

Following their successful performance at SiriusXM’s HairNation Festival in May of 2016, L.A. Guns went into the studio to record their latest album, The Missing Peace, which is out now!

With the classic lineup of Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis recently reunited L.A. Guns continue to tour around the world.

Goodnight, Sunrise

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Goodnight, Sunrise is an alternative rock band from Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2011 through a shared love of pop hooks, EDM drops, and the raw power of classic rock, their sound has naturally evolved into a hybrid reminiscent of Foo Fighters, Muse, and July Talk. Armed with an abundance of relentless energy, they’ve taken their explosive live show to over 300 audiences across Canada, US, and Europe, opening for Bon Jovi, Big Wreck, and Monster Truck along the way.

The Maysides

Performing on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, the Maysides bring a signature sound and a high energy performance.  Their music has earned them performances with bands such as Steel Panther, GOB, The Flatliners, III Scarlett, Andrew WK just to name a few.  The band has received airplay on Y108, 97.7 HTZfm, 102.1 The Edge, and have also perfomred live on CHCH morning live.  In 2016, the band won multiple awards at the Niagara Music Awards including “best punk band” and “best new album”.  If the past is any indicator, The Maysides have a very bright future.

Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

A gutsy, every-man band from Niagara. They’re the kind of band that turn heads when they play live. REVIVE THE ROSE provides the party and the most powerful shredding rock and roll in town! Telling real stories from an everyday point of view of hit and miss. A collection of honest and straight forward songs touching on themes of life, love, learning, and moving forward. Revive the Rose has conquered Southern Ontario, and always ready to prove that rock and roll will never die.

The band has quickly made its mark in Southern Ontario, opening for acts such as Monster Truck, Danko Jones, The Glorious Sons, The Standstills, illScarlett, The Lazys, The Mahones. After touring in Ontario, their lead single “Nine To Five” generated attention at Canadian radio, most notably at 97.7 HTZ-FM. As well, they scored #1 pick for Alan Cross’ “Bands You Must Hear This Week” on 102.1 the Edge. All doing so as an unsigned band.

“The EP had me hooked instantly. The band is incredibly tight and the song writing showcases a sophisticated and mature approach that allows for each song to develop in a creative directions. Revive the Rose is a band to seriously watch out for this year!”
– Gerrod Harris (Canadian Beats)

“Really solid meat and potatoes rock, this is what an indie band can do!”
– Alan Cross (102.1 The Edge)

Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

“High-Octane CANADIAN Rock ’n’ Roll!” Finally, the future of rock’n’roll is safe. A band that isn’t afraid of working hard, A band that goes up on stage and puts on an unforgettable performance full of choreo and theatrics, And finally a band that actually looks like rockstars. Windsor Ontaro’s Löve Razër, (formed in May of 2015) are on a musical quest to bring back the flash and high energy to rock ‘n’ roll…and people are taking notice all over the world. In just a short amount of time we have won the Jack Daniels Supporting Act Contest, professionally recorded a 3 song EP, shot 3 high quality music videos, released our debut full length album in 2018 and have made many loyal fans headlining shows so far throughout Ontario to Montreal (including a sold out album release party over 300+ people). We are also blown away by the loyal fans we have worldwide already. On our quest we have had the privilege to share the stage with very respected touring acts such as Gilby Clarke, BulletBoys, Tracii Guns, Anvil and Enuff Z’nuff.

Performing on Friday, July 12, 2019

LAWLESS SONS are a three-piece band from Mississauga, Ontario, delivering aggressive, instinctual hardcore punk that slams your senses like a wrecking ball.

The band’s latest record, PTSD, was produced by Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats) and encapsulates themes of trust, trauma, and triumph. Leading with the vigorous first single, “Liar”, the band is out to prove that there’s still a place for heavy, dynamic and emotional songs that can cut through the deadspace.

Lawless Sons are ready to rise and fight.

You’re either in, or you’re in the way.

Performing on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Toronto, Canada’s PHEAR are taking their Thrash / Power Metal Sound and showing the listening public that “Classic Metal” never goes out of style. Their “do it yourself” attitude has not only seen the launch of several videos on youtube, (DON’T SCREAM, REGAN’S DREAM, HEAVEN) but also, the release of their full length, award winning debut CD “INSANITARIUM”!

All this done by them, PLUS a bombastic live show that has been described as “Arena Caliber”

So who are PHEAR? Well, it turns out these Canadians have some History.

Patrick Mulock (Lead vocals): Patrick had a 2 album stint with Metal Blade Recording Artists Eidolon, with Glen and Shawn Drover, formerly of Megadeth. Prior to that, he fronted Canadian band RAMPAGE.

Pat Rogers (guitars): Pat is also a member of the Toronto band “Profaner” who won the 2016 Metal Battle Canada competition, and eventually international 2nd place at the Wacken Open Air festival. Pat is the newest member of Phear, and the band is proud to have him on board.

Chris Boshis (Bass Guitar): Chris spent time in local band CONFLICTED. He has also auditioned for MACHINE HEAD and DISTURBED.

Graham Stirrett (Guitars): Graham came to PHEAR from local Death Metal Band “A SIN FOR A PRAYER”. He continues to release solo material as well as playing in PHEAR.

Chris Lewis (Drums): Chris spent time in local acts and was the original drummer in RAMPAGE.

Do you see a connection here???

So what’s next for PHEAR?

When I asked the band “What’s next?” They all answer the same….”EVERYTHING!” / “Bigger, Better, Brighter and louder!” I asked them to de?ne this answer seriously … in a nutshell, they just want everybody out there to know who they are. They love what they do, and want all their fans to have a great time listening and watching them do it! They treat every show as an EVENT, A MOMENT, A MEMORY! They want to leave their mark!

The one thing I noticed about PHEAR after spending some time with them, is they are super driven. They are always thinking of ways to entertain their fans. Not wanting to give away all their secrets entrusted to me……PHEAR will be releasing an EP early 2017, complete with their ?rst ever cover song. From what I have heard so far, I have one word…..”EPIC” and I will leave it at that.

On Jan 10 2017 PHEAR had the honour of opening for German Metal Legend; UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER in Toronto.

It is a very exciting time for PHEAR as they turn the next corner. I’m going to enjoy watching them on this journey!



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